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We know that horse races are the most common and the most desirable form of betting nowadays. As such, we believe that all our members must get the most and the best betting experience at any given moment. We have invested so many hours in making this service stand out from the crowd and now we can offer you precisely what you need.

First of all, the options. We will present you the best and the most important horse races in Singapore and in the world. You can decide which and when you want to bet on and place a bet in under 5 minutes. Of course, the best betting odds are available all the time as well, so you can get even more and even better betting advantages. Now you are free to start betting on horse races from the comfort of your home.



There is no need in telling you that you can bet on any horse you like or on any option there is. We support multiple horse betting, meaning that there are countless betting options. This will have to be explained further below. At the moment, all you have to know is that racing horses with the highest winning odds are your and our priority. Anyway, you have the full freedom to place a bet on any horse you want, obviously.

With the help of our partners, you have at your disposal countless horse races streamed live 24/7. Regardless of the fact when you decide to place a bet, there will be countless options out there and you can choose the one that suits you the most. Anyway, you will enjoy this form of betting starting today and you can start making a profit or bet for fun only.


As we have mentioned, horse betting comes with many different options. There are several main and less-known betting possibilities which must be explained if you are new to this form of betting. We already mentioned that we support all of them, so it is up to you to decide how and which type of bet you will want to pursue.


This is the first and we can say the most common form of horse racing bets. It is also the simplest of them all. Basically, you will place a bet on a horse who you think will win. If you are lucky, you are going to win a profit. The size of the bet will depend solely on you and you have the full freedom.


This is another, a common form of horse betting. In this case scenario, you are going to place a bet on a horse and you will try to guess where he will be positioned at the end of a race. Where there are 7 horses in a race, you can choose the first, second or third position. In a horse race with 4 horses, you can choose a first or second position.


Place forecast is a bet where you will also choose two horses to finish the race as first and second or first and third or second and third. As you can see it is changed bet than the previous one.


This may look like the same form of betting like tierce but it isn’t. In this case scenario, you are looking at the three first horses to finish the race regardless of their order. It is the simpler version that tierce and it is also more popular.


Here we have the next big thing. Roll win simply stands for a form of betting in which a better will place a bet for a horse he thinks will win in the next 2 or 3 races. The betting odds are decreased but the winning potential is massive and probably the best.


And now we have one of the most appealing forms of horse betting. Here you should place a bet on two horses and try to discover which position they will have at the end of a race. They can finish the race first and second, for example. However, this bet applies to any position of the two horses.


This form of betting allows you to place a bet on three horses who will finish the first in any order. Basically, you will have to guess the top three horses in a race. Keep in mind that the exact order is a must and it must be guessed perfectly.


Now you will have to guess 4 horses who will finish the race between first and the fourth position. The exact order must be followed. We must add that there is a flexi-quartet as well. The same requirements are applied, but the betting is more flexible and usually comes with higher betting limits.


Now when you know all about the betting on horses, you are free to place a deposit and place a bet. All the processes are protected by 128-bit military grade encryption, so you will stay safe or better said your information will stay safe.

Let’s just add that as our member, you can use any payment option in order to make a deposit and to withdraw the funds. We have been cooperating with all banks in Singapore and in Asia as a matter of fact, so now you can enjoy the latest and the best advantages of online betting from the comfort of your computer chair.

Try us once and you will see why we are the best. We have the highest client satisfaction rate in this line of business and we have been known for offering safe, reliable and desirable betting.