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Horse racing has been around longer than Ancient Greece, but horse betting in Singapore has never been easier than it is today. At Bet888Win, all you have to do in order to place the perfect bet is set up an account, make a deposit, and find the right horse – everything in under two minutes.Whether you’re a connoisseur or a first-time bettor, we have plenty of options to keep you entertained. You can bet small or go big, use a variety of betting styles, and wager on any horse you like. Your imagination and budget are your only limits.


Online Horse Betting with Bet888Win

At Bet888Win, we provide some of the best odds when it comes to horse betting in Singapore. All betting types are available on our platform and you can even follow countless horse racings streamed live 24/7 through our partners. It’s up to your how you make use of these options.

You can bet for profit on a regular basis or you can bet for fun. Horse betting has a long and dignified history throughout the world. Our goal is to uphold this long-standing tradition, as well as include new variations and all the comforts of modern betting.

All Available Horse Betting Options

With the help of our partners, we’ve ensured that horse racing Singapore is as versatile as it gets for our customers. There are hundreds of events to choose from each month, thousands of horses and jockeys and, more importantly, a number of betting options or styles.

On Bet888Win, you can pick any of the existing horse betting options in the industry. These include the following:


The simplest and most common type of horse betting in Singapore, a win bet means that you choose which horse you believe is going to come first in a particular race. If you’ve done your research right and with a bit of luck, you can amass tremendous profits. How much you win per bet depends on the odds and on your bankroll.

Roll Win

Probably the best winning potential you can get in horse racings comes from the roll win wager. When you choose a horse for a roll win, you’re betting that it will come first in the next 2 or 3 races. Sure, the odds of this happening are smaller, but the profit you can earn is also much greater.


Another very simple way to turn a profit through online horse betting is to make a place bet. For this type of wager, you pick a horse and you try to guess which place it will come in at the end of the race. In events with 7 horses, you can choose between the first, second, and third position for your favorite horse, whereas in races with only 4 horses, you can opt for either the first or second position.


In order to make a forecast bet, you want to choose two horses and attempt to guess their positions at the end of the race. For instance, you could say they will finish first and second, but also fifth and seventh, and so on. A tad more complicated than previous types of wagers, forecast can be an extraordinarily exciting and fun form of online horse betting.

Place Forecast

Place forecast is similar to forecast bets in the sense that it also involves two horses and guessing their positions at the end of a race. In place forecast, however, you only have three options to choose from – first and second, first and third, as well as second and third.


In a tierce, you’re basically picking the three horses that you believe will finish in top 3. Remember, though, that you must also guess the exact order in which they cross the finish line or else the bet is not a valid one.


A simpler and more popular form of horse betting in Singapore, a trio wager requires you to guess the top 3 finishers in a race. Unlike with the tierce, you don’t have to guess the order the horses will finish in – just which three horses will finish first.


Finally, in a quarter, you have the opportunity to really test your skill and guess which four horses will finish first and in exactly what positions. With flexi-quartet options, the same requirements apply, but betting limits are higher and the betting itself is more flexible.

Use Your Favorite Horse Betting Option to Get Started Today

At Bet888Win, we stream a variety of horse racings to ensure you have plenty of options to choose from. As soon as you’ve made up your mind about an event and your favorite horse(s), we make it easy and safe for you to place the perfect bet.

Our user information is encrypted using a 128-bit algorithm and our payment options are constantly being upgraded for faster deposits and withdrawals. Regardless of your payment channel or your preferences in terms of horse racing Singapore, we’ve got you covered.