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There are a number of excellent reasons why we have added WinningFT to our list of partners. To begin with, they offer a highly competitive 20% welcome bonus to all of our users. As soon as you register, they boost your initial deposit by 20%, which gives you even more opportunities to enjoy their versatile platform.

We also appreciate WinningFT for the fact that they cater for all types of bets across different sports, live and casino games, and even the stock market exchange. No matter your budget, there’s a profitable bet waiting for you at all times.


More Info on WinningFT in Singapore

WinningFT is a remote gambling operator licensed in the Philippines and offering services to Asia Pacific and European countries. They are one of the favorite bookmakers in Singapore simply because they constantly provide attractive deals, bonuses, and odds, as well as an excellent overall service.

As you’ll notice once you’re on their platform, you can’t ever get bored when you gamble with WinningFT in Singapore. That’s because it seems to be this company’s motto to always keep users on their toes with new sporting events, new games, and new promotions. We wholeheartedly recommend WinningFT for their versatility in online gambling, but also for the secure environment they create for all users.

From Sports to Casino Games and the Stock Market

For novice and pro bettors alike, WinningFT is a fantastic platform. In terms of sports betting, they host over 30,000 different bets each day across more than 90 sports. Football and all football variations, basketball, tennis, hockey, and many others are represented with both major and minor events. With a minimum bet of just 100 Baht and a very high upper limit, you alone decide exactly how you want to play.

The online casino at WinningFT in Singapore is also up to par with the competition. Here, you can enjoy games of poker, live keno, blackjack, baccarat, and more. Tens of casino games with diverse themes and great graphics and sound also await your incursion. And, of course, no fan of the casino floor should ever forget the slots!

But if conventional gambling is not to your taste, you can always try WinningFT’s platform for the stock market exchange. The company makes financial betting as easy as it gets, with plenty of stock market indexes and betting options. You won’t know just how quickly you can turn a profit until you try it yourself, though, so give it a go today.

24/7 Customer Service and Live Chat

WinningFT is a great place to have laid-back fun while making a profit from bets, but for our users, it is equally important that customer service is spotless. This is certainly the case with WinningFT in Singapore, a sports betting and casino games provider with 24/7 live chat and a number of self-help resources.

In addition, when you access their platform through Bet888Win, you get the benefit of extra security too. We make sure all of your transfers run smoothly, both to and from your account, so that you can enjoy carefree betting at any hour of the day, any day of week.